Weed Control

Weeds left unattended to in a garden can take over other plants and look unsightly. They also take water and nutrients away from your lawn and other plants and can also survive in tough, dry conditions and reproduce quickly.

The best way to remove weeds is to tackle them while they are young before they flower and set seed, creating future generations of weeds to contend with. Generally hand pulling of weeds in garden beds or use of a non-selective herbicide will take care of your problem in hard to access areas like garden paths.


Weeds in your lawn also require attention quickly before they take over. Selecting the correct treatment method is vital so as not to kill your lawn while removing the weeds.

A selective type herbicide will kill off certain broadleaf weeds while leaving your lawn unaffected, whereas a non-selective herbicide will kill both. It is extremely important to select the right herbicide however, as some broadleaf lawn types can also be affected when treating for weeds. weed controlThicker Lawn

A thicker, well fed and maintained lawn helps prevent weed growth in the first place by choking out weeds, whereas a sparse lawn will most likely be infested by weeds.

Regular mowing of your lawn will also help to stop weeds from setting seed. Hand removal as weeds appear is a good option.

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