Lawn Coring/Aeration

With the majority of Australia experiencing long periods without adequate rainfall throughout the year and plenty of sunshine, soil compaction is a major issue for home owners to contend with.             

Compacted soil restricts the flow of water, oxygen and nutrients to the roots under the surface, leading to a shallow root base, and making the lawn more susceptible to the invasion of weeds.

Lawn aeration helps to reduce soil compaction by allowing water, oxygen and nutrients to get deep down into the root base and promotes a thicker, healthier lawn.


before and after lawn aeration

Weed Resistance. New turf growth is promoted, filling in your lawn making it thicker, stronger and less prone to the invasion of weeds.

Drought Protection. Aeration encourages deeper root growth making your lawn more drought tolerant. If you do happen to go through a dry period your grass will be able to secure moisture and nutrients from deeper below the surface, maintaining that healthier look for longer.

Free Top Dressing. Plugs of soil sit on the surface of your lawn, effectively giving your lawn an active top dressing. This dressing acts as a mulch and maintains extra moisture in the soil until it is decomposed back in as part of the topsoil.

Increase in Fertiliser Uptake. Get the most out of your fertiliser investment by fertilising directly after aeration. This allows the fertiliser to go where it is most effective, the root base. This will instantly help your grass grow thicker and greener.

Save Money on Your Water Bill. An aerated lawn retains far greater levels of water. Don’t let all that water you’re putting on your lawn go to waste as runoff, through aeration you can keep the water where you need it most.

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