Lawn Care Services

Coops Mowing & Maintenance also provides a comprehensive lawn maintenance service advising on and managing lawns on any scale in the lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas
We specialise in broadacre boomspraying and domestic weed spraying.
Services are delivered as one-off,  a 4-visit annual programme or a year round 12- visits per annual.

Lawncare services include:

  • Weed control. This includes broadleaf weeds, wintergrass, crabgrass, nutgrass. (Pre and post-emergent control strategies are available);
  • Pest, disease and fungus control;
  • Fertilising;
  • Wetting agent application;
  • Coring/aerating and vertimowing;
  • Soil and leaf tissue analysis and amendment;
  • Targeted treatment of trace element deficiencies;
  • Lawn repairs and new lawn installations;
  • Irrigation planning and design, installation and repairs;
  • Top dressing.

Coops Mowing & maintenance is firmly committed to providing exceptional lawn care services to our customers. We endeavour to maintain green and weed-free lawns using superior commercial-grade products and without jeopardising the environment.

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