Coops Mowing Services


Coops Mowing And Maintenance provides total lawn care management. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality services through passion and commitment

Our holistic approach means that we take full responsibility to maximise establishment, nurture growth and maintain integrity at your site with safety being our primary focus.

We deliver lawn care maintenance contracts across a wide scope of industry sectors including local government open spaces and sporting facilities, infrastructure such as airports, ports, utilities assets, commercial premises, educational facilities and more.

Our safety

Safety is a key priority at Coops Mowing. All of our staff are fully trained to deliver Property Maintenance services to the correct Australian Occupational Health & Safety Standards.

Coops mowing ensures full training and development of its staff, including beginning of day meetings, and end of day briefings.

The director of Operations is responsible for checking every staff member is fully aware of their duties, responsibilities, safety requirements and specific risk information about particular properties prior to attending any site. Safety equipment is supplied to our staff members for the performance of their role.

Coops Mowing is fully compliant with the Work Place Health and Safety Act, we have a WPH&S policy, Safe Work Method Statements, Risk Management Procedure, we supply MSDS’s for all chemicals used, and have full emergency procedures in place.

Our services are designed to:

  • Safeguard the value of your landscape assets;
  • Manage your annual grounds investment;
  • Reduce capital and recurrent maintenance costs; and
  • Create outstanding environments.