Pest Control

Brown patches through your lawn? You could have an infestation of lawn grubs.

Caterpillars often feed at night, so you often won’t see them. However, you may see white/grey moths flying over your lawn or garden area, this could be an indication of a potential lawn grub problem.

Lawn grubs are a seasonal issue and unfortunately, they can affect your lawn multiple times throughout one season. To keep your lawn and garden areas free of pests, Coops mowing can provide a regular spraying or treatment service or treat as required.


pest control
pest control
Army Worm
Army worms are the caterpillar stage of a white/grey/brown moth, adult moth.
pest controlCut Worm
Like armyworms, cutworms feed and cut off the grass near the soil, hence the name.

Sod Webworm
Similar to the Cutworm and Armyworm, these greenish grey larvae/caterpillars have black spots along the body.