Lawn Care Guide

Care and maintenance will depend on the type of Grass. The following information is general. We will maintain a lawn maintenance program for each variety of turf.


Most grasses will benefit from up to four applications of fertilizer per year with at least an application in early Spring. Be aware that over fertilizing can damage a lawn. We have a years fertilizer program if you wish leave this up to us.

Weed Control

The control of weeds is vital to the health and appearance of a lawn. We can provide spraying to ensure a healthy looking lawn.


Getting on top of your lawn mowing routine is essential for helping to create a beautiful, healthy, low maintenance lawn.

Regular mowing helps keep weeds down, minimises grubs, makes the lawn less susceptible to disease and promotes healthy coverage by sending nutrients from the grass cuttings back into the soil.  Plus a freshly mowed lawn just looks and smells great.

Different lawn varieties have different mowing requirements but there are some basic standards. Knowing these fundamentals will make a big difference to the health and appearance of your lawn!

Our Lawn mowers are maintained properly and always checked for sharp blades etc.

lawn mowing guide

Lawn Clippings

Lawn clippings can be mulched back into the lawn. Returning clippings to the lawn will “recycle valuable nutrients to the soil thereby reducing fertilizer requirements”. Clippings should be spread evenly and thinly on the lawn so as not to shade the grass. We can also catch the grass leaving a nice clean looking lawn, but this then will require the fertilizer problem to help the help keep the lawn healthy and green.

watering and aeration


Aeration of lawns, punching holes and removing small cores of soil, “relieves soil compaction which improves water and air movement into soil, thus increasing rooting, and greatly improving turf grass health”. Aeration is very beneficial for high traffic areas like footpaths and playing fields.


Watering frequency depends on the season, the rain frequency, the type of Grass, the colour of the lawn and the existence of water restrictions. It may be necessary to water the lawn in order to protect your investment and to maintain a healthy, good-looking lawn. The ideal way to water a lawn is with properly laid soaker hoses or with an automatic underground sprinkler system (water restrictions allowing), or if you are keen or in the right area, via a recycled water system. Early morning watering is preferable.